Friday, February 26, 2016

What Are You Going To Do With Your Extra Day?

This month, we get an extra day: February 29th.  Since it is a Leap Year, and all.  :0)

So, I've been thinking, wouldn't it be nice to do something fun with my extra day?  I mean, who wants an extra day of blah, drudgery, same-old same-old?

There are two problems with this idea of making this 'extra' day a 'fun' day:

  1. I can't take the day off from work (well, I probably could if I really pushed the issue, but it wouldn't be fair to dump all the work of 30+ horses on my co-worker alone.  On a Monday. . . I wouldn't want her to do that to me.)
  2. Monday is the day of the week that I clean the master 'suite'--change the sheets, clean the bathroom, restock the t.p. and other hygiene supplies, sweep the floor, etc.
Since I can't get around #1, I'll just put in my 4ish hours of work that day (and really hope it will be a quick and easy day, not the long troublesome work days I've had 3 out of 5 days this week--argh!).  

But, I can get around #2 by doing those things this weekend!  So we'll end up with 8 nights of sleeping on our sheets before they get changed the following Monday, oh well. I really don't think DH will notice.  So I'll have to take a half-hour or so of my Sunday to swish the toilet bowl, wipe the counter, tidy the shower, change the towels, scrub the sink and clean the floor.  No biggie.  Not if it means I can play all afternoon on my extra day!!

Now, to decide how to handle cooking Monday's dinner. . . something crock pot-able, maybe?  And to decide which items on my Fun List I want to designate for which time slots on Monday.  It's so hard to choose. . .

Ride my horse I think is my obvious first choice

Go for a walk in the woods is a possibility, depending on weather and how wet things are, seeing as we just got about 15" of snow in 24 hours and the weekend temperatures are supposed to be in the 40's and 50's.  Sounds like a lot of mud and standing water to me. . . 

Knit I'm nearly done with the socks I've been working on this month, have my next project picked out and am itching to start on it.  It will be a new technique, but a fairly small piece so hopefully will knit up somewhat quickly.

Sew is another thing I've been wanting to do lately.  Several project possibilities there. . . a couple of UFO's I want to finish as well as a few quickie projects that would get some gifts made for later in the year.

Work on the cross stitch that never ends is also very appealing.  Part of why it 'never ends' is because I had to cobble together a big enough piece of waste canvas to use, and my cobbling really didn't go well.  As soon as I get the 'joints' stitched over and am working on one non-shifting non-raveling piece this project will go so much faster.  I really should have thought this one out more before beginning, but, well, live and learn.

Go antiquing at one or more of the nearby antique malls that I have never been to.  About a year ago, I decided that rather than buy newly made for quite a few items on my wish list or gift list, I was going to seek out sturdily made antiques that were still in usable condition.  I'd rather pay a hundred dollars or more for an 'old' wooden dresser of good craftsmanship than go get a brand new one from IKEA or Art Van. . .  Likewise a cedar chest for DD2, a kraut cutter so I can stop trying to thinly slice cabbage with my butcher knife, pieces of my wedding china pattern that have been discontinued almost as long as I've been married. . .

Watch a favorite movie possibly Dances With Wolves, in the evening, with DH (one of the movies we saw when we were dating, and still our all time favorite).

Read, always love to read.  (Did I ever mention that my Dad was an English major in college, and that my mother was a librarian for over 30 years?  That I knew how to read before I was old enough to start kindergarten?)  Reading has always been a choice way to pass time.

Bake something, probably an angel food cake, or something else to use up lots of eggs now that the hens are laying nearly a dozen a day.

Make some candles in canning jars or tea cups to give as gifts later this year.  It's quick, it's easy, and if I put in some scented oils, it makes the house smell good.  

As you can see, I have lots of options of how to spend my extra day this year.  What are you going to do with yours?

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