Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.14: I Want To Knit Something Else

Joining in with Ginny for the Yarn Along today.

Could it be that I have the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome?

This week the boredom with sock #2 for DS1 set in.  I want to start on the next pair of socks, the ones I'm going to make for my Mom with her skein of self-striping yarn, but my needles are 'trapped' in DS1's sock.  Oh, I know I could slide all 72 stitches of his sock onto stitch holders and just get to making Mom's sock, but I'm stubborn.  Why not just finish his dang sock all ready?!?  I mean, I'm nearly to the heel turn.  And I find heels fun.  And after the gusset is done, the yarn will be back to striping again, so the foot won't seem to take all that long.  Making stripes magically appear seem to speed up the knitting process.  Plus, I hate to have UFOs laying around.  My personality is one of dogged persistence, not the "ooh, shiny!" kind.

But yet, I find that instead of picking up my knitting in the evenings lately, I'm reaching for other things.  A book.  A DVD to watch with DH.  Even a stack of papers that has been growing and in need of sorting and filing for months now.

Whatever shall I do?  I refuse to take this sock off the needles until it is finished.  I will not allow myself to start a new pair of socks until this second sock of the current pair is complete.  I will not give in to Second Sock Syndrome!

I think it might possibly be time to get out the bigger needles and some dish cloth yarn.  Just a little intermission. . . work on a dish cloth for a night or two, then back to finishing DS1's sock.  My goal is to finish it in the next two weeks, because there is no sense taking a nearly completed sock on the long car ride to retrieve DD2 from her dorm at the end of the semester later this month.  No, that trip needs a new project.

Dish cloth it is.  Now to pick a pattern.  ;0)

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