Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.22: Purple Means DD1

Happy Wednesday, Yarn Along Friends!  It's very breezy and overcast here, with storms forecast for this afternoon.  I'm joining Ginny today to see what everyone is knitting (and crocheting) and reading.

In the past two days, I cast on and knit the 'leg' and heel portions of the first sock in a pair of ankle socks that will be a birthday present next month.  I have to be careful who I knit them near, though, because the yarn is a very vibrant purple. And in this family, purple means DD1. It has been her favorite color since she was old enough to declare a favorite. So, you see, if she happened to be here visiting (such as from Friday through Monday afternoon), I could not possibly work on these socks. Because they are purple.  And as soon as she saw me knitting with purple yarn, she would know I am knitting something for her.  And then there would be no birthday surprise.

The pattern is Dottie Sock II.  It will have a picot edge on in when I'm done, not the rolled edge it looks like it currently has. I am knitting it on size 2 dpns, since DD1 has 'manly'--aka wide/thick-- feet and ankles (and the pair of Rosamond socks I made her for Christmas on size 1s were a bit tight she said).  The yarn is Knit Picks Comfy (cotton) and feels like it should have plenty of stretch to fit DD1 comfortably.  And, being ankle socks, I will definitely get them finished in time for her birthday in early July!


  1. beautiful knitting and I am fond of purple as well :) lovely!!

  2. Our daughters sound alike. Everything she requests me to make for her has to be purple.

  3. I had to visit your blog the minute I saw that beautiful purple yarn. That color is my favorite also. I really like that sock pattern too.

  4. Beautiful colour, your daughter is sure to love them.