Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.27: I Missed a Week!

Due to last week's vacation with the grandkids, I missed the Yarn Along!

But now that I'm back, and getting back on track, here is my post for this week's Yarn Along.  I have lots to show (although not much knitting got done so far this month).

First up, is the finished Chill Out dish cloth that I was making for DD2's birthday package.

Next photo is all the finished hand-made items in her gift this year.  The Dottie Socks II, the ZickZack dishcloth from April, the Penguin and Chill Out dish cloths, and a trivet I made from bottle caps and fabric (I am planning to do a post on how I made this later in July.)

Not pictured, but also in her birthday package were a covered roasting pan, a homegrown frozen chicken (for roasting in the pan) and a 4-pack of penguin shaped ice packs.  I think I mentioned in an earlier yarn along post that she really likes penguins.  I know I mentioned that she loves the color purple.

So, that was what I was going to show you last week, had I actually been around to do a yarn along post.  Now, for this week's stuff:

  • A firefly dish cloth.  I like the pattern, but not the size (which I was a little suspicious of when instructed to use a size 5 needle and only cast on 37 stitches. . .).  Next time I think I will go up a needle size (or maybe even 2!), cast on more stitches for a wider border (plan to do in seed stitch) and do at least another repeat of the 12 row pattern.  But for now, this one will do.  This was my on vacation knitting project, so the small size worked well for getting it done while having not much time to knit (busy chasing grandkids, LOL).

  • A new pair of socks!  Or, at least, the cuff of the first sock.  This will be a pair for me, done in yarn I got a while ago during a Knit Picks sale.  It is Stroll in the sour apple color.  The pattern I picked to make is called Solar.  I don't know about you, but to me, neon green just kind of says "solar", so I think it is a fitting pattern for this yarn which is even brighter in person.

That's all for now.  Hoping to show a mostly finished sock next week, as it seems like it will knit up pretty quick.  I just cast on last night, and got the cuff finished while baking a pan of brownies.

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