Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.28: It's Bright!

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along today.  It's a hot, sunny day with almost no breeze and a temperature of 86 F currently at this little place here.  At least the humidity has dropped from the 90% it was when I went to work this morning to 'only' 41%  right now.  But it is one of those still days that feels like a dog day of summer.

I can't really complain about the sun, though.  I love sunny days.  Even if they are scorching, I'd still rather see the sun than be under thick cloud cover.

Plus, the abundant sunlight allowed me to get an pretty honest picture of the color of the yarn I am currently knitting with. The only thing the camera didn't capture is the 'glow', the neon-ness of this color.  I really love how obnoxiously bright it is.  Just right for making socks for a grandma.  If that grandma is me, that is.

I made the leg of my Solar sock quite a bit longer than the pattern called for.  The original length just seemed awkward on my leg when I held it up for sizing, kind of in between anklet and 'normal' sock length; so I decided to go longer and closer to the length I like my socks to be. Right now it's roughly 1.5x the length of the instructions, and I'm debating whether to make it 2x the length or just go ahead and start on the heel flap now.

I suspect I will start on the heel.  Partly because I'm anxious to get this pair of socks done and wearable while it's still summer (not that I'm wearing socks much these days, other than in my work and riding boots at the horse barn. . .)  And partly because I have an idea for a pair of socks I'd like to make my Dad for his birthday--in October.  I wouldn't want to not finish Dad's socks in time.

This past week I haven't knit much at all.  DH and I have been working on staining our wrap around front porch as well as the back deck which runs the length of the house. I don't even know how many hours we've spent on that project lately, all weekend plus some evenings and an afternoon.  But it looks really nice, and we are 95% done now.  Hoping to wrap it up this evening.

I am almost halfway through the third of the three books I had gotten from the library to take on vacation with me earlier this month.  With all the staining going on, it's taken me quite a while to get going on this one.  In fact, I had to renew it from the library yesterday.  So far, I am enjoying it.  Plain Murder by Emma Miller is an Amish murder mystery.

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