Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.35: A Little

Happy Wednesday, Happy Yarn Along Day! I'm joining Ginny this morning for this week's yarn along.

You'd think, since I missed the Yarn Along last week, that I would have pictures of nearly finished items to show you.  All that knitting time, right?  I mean, two whole weeks have gone by since my last Yarn Along post.  Surely I have completed something.

In actuality, it wasn't a whole lot of knitting time.  I did work on DD2's Stylish Squares throw a bit before going on vacation with DH; it is now more than half done.  As I was nearing the halfway point I realized that what I thought was tons of this yarn in my stash really wasn't as many yards as I had thought (when you are used to working in fingering, with 400+ yards per skein, finding out your big honking skein of super bulky is less than 85 yards is a bit of a shock).

In fact, I was not going to have enough to finish this lapghan.  And, as it turned out when I went looking for more of the same yarn, it wasn't easy to find--probably because I bought it over a year ago.  Which apparently means that this color combo is so last year. . .  Good thing DD2 doesn't change her favorite colors as often as the marketing and fashion industry does.

But I did find lots of skeins of the same brand of super bulky that had the exact same shade of turquoise as the yarn I'd been using (which is blue and dark grey).  So I made the decision to do the second half of the lapghan in solid turquoise.  I think (and hope) it will look nice like that; as if I'd intentionally done a two-toned blanket, rather than as if I hadn't had enough  yarn to do the whole thing and had to substitute a different yarn when I was nearly to the end.  Changing yarns in the middle looks like a design feature, not an oops, right?  Right?

Time will tell, but I'm pretty sure it's going to turn out just fine.

I did take the Decathlon socks I am knitting on vacation to Colorado with me since that project is much more portable than DD2's blanket is, but didn't end up doing much knitting while there. I think I actually knit more rows sitting in airports waiting for flights than I did while 'on the ground' riding in the car or at the hotel(s) in the evenings.  Probably because evenings were pretty tiring after hiking and visiting brewpubs each day (you can read about my Colorado adventures here), and there was so much beautiful scenery to look at while in the car.

You really can't tell from the picture, but I managed to finish the leg and get 6 rows done on the heel flap while I was gone.  I confess that I haven't picked this project up since I've been back; something about work and laundry and catching up on canning tomatoes since returning from vacation. . .

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