Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.37: Moving Forward, Going Back

I'm joining Ginny this rainy, autumnal afternoon for this week's Yarn Along.

I'm nearly finished with the Stylish Squares lapghan; should be binding off tonight.  Then there will be many ends to weave in, and blocking, and it will be ready to mail off in time for DD2's birthday next week.  I know she's going to love it.  Not just because of the blue, but because last weekend her sister saw it, and immediately said "I love it!  I want it!"  Now, if Miss Purple (DD1) loves that blue lapghan, I know Miss Blue (DD2) is definitely going to love it.

(And I'm wondering if I should try to track down more of the same yarns and make an identical one for DD1, or maybe look for similar yarns in purples and make one, or just let it go and hope she forgets about it. . . .)

Also in the picture above is the beginnings of this month's dish cloth.  I found a skein of sage colored cotton in my stash, and since it perfectly matches the color of my kitchen, I decided that September's dish cloth is going to be for me.  What could be better for my chicken-themed sage-colored kitchen than a sage colored dish cloth with a rooster design? Rodney the Rooster   is a pattern I'd found on Ravelry and downloaded several years ago.  Unfortunately, when I checked today (to copy the link), it seems to no longer be available there.

Those two items are my forward progress.  Notice that I don't have DH's Decathlon stripey sock in any photos today.  That one is the 'going back' part of this post.  I decided to undo the heel flap, deal with the questionable section of yarn, and set that project aside for a while.  I had originally planned to make DH's socks in September, leaving October and November to make two other pair of socks that will be gifted at Christmas time.  October is nearly here, the yarn in the Decathlon sock isn't working right (see last week's yarn along post for a lament about that), DH has no idea I'm making him socks (and any time I've asked him in the past if he wanted me to knit him something, he's always responded apathetically), I'm tired to messing with this particular yarn, and I'd rather start my October socks instead.

Being as I need the needles in the Decathlon sock for making the socks I have planned as my October project, I have unknit the heel flap, and will put the remaining stitches on stitch holders.  Maybe if the October socks knit up quick enough (and I think they will) I'll tackle the Decathlon socks again.  Or not.  I haven't been crazy about the feel of that particular yarn ever since I cast it on back in August.  With the current problem of the thickness being inconsistent and not keeping the correct gauge, I'm pretty disillusioned with it.  It's only saving grace at the moment is the masculine color scheme, and the fact that I have no other wool fingering in manly colors to make socks for DH with.

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