Friday, November 25, 2016

Been Gone Too Long

I have not traveled at all in the past two weeks.  But, given my lack of posting, my blog kind of looks like I've been gone.

There is so much going on right now, some good, some not so great, some challenging, some requiring deep thought. . . and of course it's hunting season, and the holidays have started, so I feel like a hamster on a wheel going and going and going without ever really getting anywhere.

The computer is (currently) working correctly, and I'm (amazingly) the only person in the house right now, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity (actually, supposed to be checking into a few things online . . .) to do a really quick blog post.  I wouldn't want anyone to think I'd dropped off the face of the earth because of the election results, or been in a coma or something else dramatic for more than two weeks now.

Just a whole lot going on and a computer that sometimes threatens to crash, and a hubby home on his hunting vacation (hogging the computer on crummy weather days between when he's in the tree hunting) and trying to keep up with normal life all while squeezing in my own several hours a day in the tree stand before the regular firearm season ends at the end of the month.  Oh, and one kid who also took a week of hunting vacation and has been here (and brought me some shirts to mend before he goes back home) and another kid home from college on Thanksgiving break who is trying to get three months worth of face to face conversations in before she heads back to school on Sunday morning.

I just can't juggle that much at once.

So the knitting has been very little, the riding has been intermittent, and the blogging has been nil.

I'm looking forward to everyone going back to their normal homes and daytime schedules on Monday, and hoping I'll get back to some regular blog posts.  Because I do have lots of stuff I'm wanting to write about and possibly some things to show off in pictures.

So, unless I get an unexpected chunk of free time this weekend, I'll see you next week!

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