Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.42: Game Day Knitting

It's a rainy Wednesday again for this week's Yarn Along (actually, not just rainy, but thunderstormy).  Joining with Ginny to see what everyone is knitting and reading currently.

I did a lot of knitting over the weekend.  First was Saturday, the big rivalry football game between Michigan State and University of Michigan.  DH and I went to the local brewpub to watch the game (he just couldn't miss it, and since we don't have cable or satellite TV, he needed to go somewhere that had ESPN. . .)  Locally, there are a whole lot of State fans.  Which makes sense, I guess, as the college is pretty much just down the road.  DH is a die hard U of M fan.  Me, it makes no difference to me one way or another.  I'd have to actually care about sports before I could pick a side.  I was really there for the meal out, the beer (this brew pub has really great micro brews), and the fact that if I wasn't home I didn't have to spend three hours doing chores and other household projects while DH was away watching the game and having fun (and beer!).

Of course, I brought my knitting along.  If you are ever in a brew pub and see some lady with long brown hair sitting at a table knitting, it just might be me.  ;0)  But only if she's drinking a dark beer.  No pale stuff for me!

Anyway, I happened to be knitting on Dad's striped sock, which is being knit in the colors of Michigan State.  So, totally appropriate for that particular day.  And, I was obviously in the company of DH, who is not a particularly quiet U of M fan.  The rest of the occupants of the brew pub, with the exception of another couple sitting very quietly at the bar in their maize and blue attire, were undoubtedly State fans.  Why else would grown men wear bright green pants in public?  My green and white striped sock ensured I was treated kindly in that room of State fans, while DH was at times given the evil eye (U of M had the lead the whole game, and ended up the winner).

The next day I got in about three more hours of knitting while the Detroit Lions played football (on my TV).  Now I'm so close to the end of this sock I can almost picture myself grafting the toe.  Just two more skinny stripes to go, then it's time to do the toe decrease. I'll be glad to be finished, and get all the tails woven in.

I'm actually reading a book this week!  One that I had requested from inter-library loan finally came in.  It is When Two Spines Align: Dressage Dynamics: Attain Remarkable Riding Rapport with Your Horse, by Beth Baumert who has been the long time technical editor for Dressage Today magazine. I've barely started the book.  Some of what I've read is a refresher of things I have known for years, and some echoes what I have recently learned from my trainer.  I think it will be a perfect companion and resource as I continue to take lessons and improve my dressage skills (so, I'll be putting it on my Christmas wish list).

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  1. nice looking sock, I don't envy you all those tails to weave in though!