Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.43: Being Froggy

I am joining Ginny late on this Yarn Along Wednesday.

I didn't do much knitting in the past week.  My picture shows even less knitting than what was actually attempted.

Dad's Striped Socks are done, with tails woven in and everything!  (But I have not gotten a final picture of them yet; maybe next week?)

After finishing the weaving in of all those tails on the socks--at the moment I can't even accurately guess at how many tails, more than a dozen stripes per sock, probably, with two tails each-- I took a break for a few days.  Then I decided to work on a new dish cloth, but quickly realized that the pattern was 'written' incorrectly.  Actually, it wasn't written at all, just charted. 

The chart, however, did not read your typical knitting pattern chart way of right to left from bottom to top.  Nope, it didn't take me long to realize the author (maker?  writer?) charted the pattern to actually go from the bottom to the top but from right to left on odd rows and left to right on even rows. Slightly confusing.

Well, I thought I could make the mental adjustment to deal with that, and things would work out fine.  But after getting about 26 rows or so into the project, I saw several rows of my knitting had glaring mistakes.  Since I was trying to do easy, fun knitting while relaxing with a favorite movie (8 Seconds, what can I say?  I love of rodeo and this is a great movie), having that many mistakes in a piece that should have been simple (had it been charted right, or just written row by row) rather turned me off to the pattern.

So I ripped the whole thing out.

I chose a new pattern and started again late last night, while watching the election coverage.  But, being late and me not hardly being a night owl, I didn't get far before I put my knitting down and went to bed.  It was a better option than doing the head bob on the couch with knitting needles falling out of my hands every few minutes.  Or making a ton of mistakes on a well written pattern and having to get froggy (rip it, rip it).

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  1. Sorry the pattern was so weird, that is frustrating.