Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.48: Wednesday Again All Ready!

Joining Ginny very late on Yarn Along day.  I've lost all track of what day it is, with having the holiday over the weekend, and again on Monday with my in-laws.  Yesterday was my first day of work this week, so I'm finding that suddenly it's Wednesday night and I haven't done a yarn along post yet!

I finished the Tendril socks and they actually made it to their intended recipient on time!   DD2 loved them (and almost didn't want to give them away), and DD2's friend was really surprised to get a package in the mail containing those awesome hand knit socks.  As per usual with gift socks, I forgot to take a picture of them once they were completed.

After nearly a week of no knitting, and beginning to feel a bit stir crazy, I cast on last night for my next project.  It is a Knusa Shawl, as featured in the current issue of Taproot magazine.  I am knitting it in Quine and Co's chickadee in the color Delft.

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