Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yarn Along 2017.1

Happy First Yarn Along of 2017!  It's cold and windy and snowy at this little place here this afternoon, and now that I'm back indoors for the rest of the day, I am joining Ginny for this week's yarn along.

There has been a whole lot going on in the past week, and most of it has kept me from knitting.  I think I finally picked up my project, the Knusa shawl, again last night.  So there isn't a whole lot of difference between last week's picture and the picture for today.

I'm pleased with it so far; the body of the shawl is done in an 8-row repeating pattern that is pretty easy to memorize. It is almost a mindless knit.  Almost, but not quite, as I have had to stop a few times and unknit to correct a mistake so that my yarn overs stay lined up, or so that the garter ridge is in the correct row on a particular panel.  Honestly, now that DH is back to work after being off between Christmas and New Years, and all but one of our holiday guests have gone home (with the final one leaving for college this coming weekend), I can't wait to get all the Christmas stuff cleaned up and stored away so that I have more time to work on this because it really is fun to knit.

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  1. You sound like my long lost sister! My hobbies and lifestyle are nearly the same....but we moved from MI to the MO Ozarks 30 years ago. Born in Flint, raised in Port Huron.
    I love to knit socks..stalled right now catching up on winter hat requests from my sons. Avid reader, love to quilt. Soon will open our greenhouse and start the onions. Have three big gardens, orchard, 80 acres of woods that son and I harvest our heat from and Pa has his bees.

    This looks to be an easy shawl pattern...have yarn for one but can't seem to settle on a pattern. Some day I'm going to figure out how to post on Ginny.