Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Yarn Along 2017.3

I'm joining Ginny this (warm, muddy,  yucky, overcast January) afternoon for this week's Yarn Along.

Things were going well with my shawl. I completed the ninth repeat--of twelve--in the pattern, and was a couple of rows into the tenth repeat when I noticed something.  Something that didn't look right.  Something that made me go "Hmmm". Something I still don't quite understand how I managed to do because I was marking each row of the pattern off as I completed it. But, somehow, I still managed to mess up and about four or five rows back start doing the even rows as odd rows. The wrong side as if it were the right side. Meaning I pretty much was working my shawl inside out.

That pretty ridge of garter stitching in the picture below?  That's not supposed to be there.  That side is supposed to be stockinette with single row of garter stitch every eighth row.

*Sigh*.  So, I am currently carefully unknitting through the rows until I can find the point where I, literally, got turned around.

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