Thursday, March 9, 2017

If Horse For Sale Ads Had No Limits

I need to get serious about putting the Quarter Horse up for sale.  Last Spring, I found out he had navicular and amended my original "Keep Him For 2-3 Years Then Sell Him" plan that I had come up with in late December 2015 after putting my old Mare to sleep (as blogged about here) to a "Give Him One Year Then Sell Him" plan.  The thought process being that I wanted to have a chance to see if there was a magic shoeing fix for his sore feet--some navicular horses are comfy with shoes and pads--or if his future was best labeled as Companion Horse rather than a Horse That Could Be Ridden.  I knew that it wasn't just his advancing age that was making him unfit as a long term mount for me, he is also a bit short/skinny for my long legs, and with the navicular he wasn't going to hold up to the sort of intensive training I was wishing to embark on now that my kids are grown up and I have time to focus on the original love of my life: dressage riding.

Now here we are, nearly a whole year later.  He is wearing shoes and pads which do keep him comfortable for riding a couple times a week.  But if I ride him two days in a row and/or with lots of focus on lateral work, he's a bit sore.  He would definitely be happier in a home where he was ridden lightly or infrequently, and I would be less frustrated with a horse whose feet didn't inhibit riding three or more days a week.

So, it's time to write up that for sale ad.  I'm just not sure how to briefly sum up his awesome points, his personality, and his little niggling navicular problem.  If only a for sale ad could be composed without limits to length, or what you should or shouldn't say.  I'd advertise him with something like this:

Handsome Redhead Looking For His Person

The Quarter Horse is an irresistibly good looking chestnut gelding who is old enough to have been there, but young enough to give the right person years of pleasurable moments together.  18 years old with a youngster's heart and spunk. Standing approx. 15.3hh, with a lean build, he is just the right size for most ladies.  He gets along well with others in turnout and has no vices in his stall. Easy to handle, he becomes very loyal to his person and will follow them anywhere.  Can be a bit timid in new situations, so is best for a confident rider (yet not an overbearing one).  Has experience western, on trails (prefers to trail ride with brave buddies who will keep the bogeyman away), and most recently in dressage.  He is great fun to ride, with a cat-like walk and super comfortable trot & canter. Was diagnosed with slight navicular in left front April 2016, currently in bar shoes and full pads.  Shod, he is suitable for light or occasional riding (or possibly more often with a slimmer rider; I've gotten kind of chunky). Is comfortable barefoot in pasture.  Priced affordably at $3000.  

But, that's a bit too wordy and not nearly professional enough.  So, back to the drawing board, and don't put it off too much longer.  I need to get The Quarter Horse moved on to his next home before I can begin shopping for my Dressage Horse Extraordinaire (or at least as close as I can come to extraordinaire on a low budget).

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