Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yarn Along 2017.12 (Sort of)

Happy Wednesday to you!  For the first time in nearly a month, it is not a windy Wednesday at this little place here.  Instead, the sky is a flawless blue, and the sun shines brightly (even so, we are having the 'coolest' day of our week here with a noontime temperature of 32 degrees Farenheit!).

I was going to join Ginny this afternoon for the weekly Yarn Along.  But, she has thrown a curve ball (see her post here if you wish) and it seems today I am yarning along with just me.  What a surprise! But yet, I can totally relate to where she is coming from.  Been there and done that.  I will miss the Wednesday ritual, but yet, setting myself free to talk about knitting on any day of the week, not just saving it for Wednesdays (and, inversely, not feeling like I can only talk knitting if I blog on Wednesdays) really is just what I need right now too.

But, for today, I will continue with my original plan of showing off the knitting progress I made in the past week.

I present to you a one-armed sweater!  I finished the body portion of Toad's Little Shore cardigan late last week, and knit the left arm (as it would be if on a person) at the beginning of this one.  The weekend was knitting-less, with time spent with the grandkids and with doing some outdoor work with DH for most of Sunday after church.

Also featured today is a Peru sock (as I've taken to thinking of them since they are intended for DD2 to take to Peru with her later this spring when she does her Study Abroad trip that will fulfill her minor in International Spanish). It is almost ready for me to start working the heel flap.

When I haven't been knitting, working, cooking, doing housework, doing yard work with DH, minding/entertaining/playing with the grandkids or riding horses this past week, I've been reading book #2 of The Dressage Chronicles series. This one, A Matter of Feel, is every bit as good as the first book was.  The horse handling and riding descriptions are so vividly accurate I can almost feel myself in the boots of the characters.

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