Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Yarn Along 2017.9

Things are really soggy at this little place here after about 2 inches of rain fell overnight.  We had some strong thunderstorms go through that brought hours of torrential rain.  Thankfully everything is dry indoors, both at home and at the horse farms. The outdoors, however, well, let's just say my knee boots came in very handy today.

Now that I'm back inside, I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along.

The Plain Vanilla socks for Mom are speeding right along.  I finished the first sock on Saturday (I think), and cast on for the second on Sunday (I think).  The exact days are a little fuzzy, but both happened since Friday night, and I am all ready through the heel gusset on sock #2.  I fully expect this sock to be finished by Friday.  

I wasn't able to get the stripes to quite line up on both socks. I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Mom won't care, but being the perfectionist I am (and because I tried to find the right spot in the yarn to cast on sock #2 to make them identical) it bothers me a little.  Not enough that I'm going to frog the entire second sock and start over, though!

Meanwhile, I couldn't resist casting on yesterday for my next project; a Little Shore cardigan sweater for Toad.  I'm going to work it in Knit Picks Mighty Stitch worsted in the color Serrano.  This yarn is so soft and squishy, I think it will make a really comfy sweater for an active little boy to wear this Spring. It's super bright too, so if he takes it off outside and drops it somewhere while playing, it ought to be pretty easy to see.  The camera really didn't do the color justice.

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