Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Peru Socks Are Finished!

I have finished the surprise gift socks for DD2 to take with her on her study abroad trip to Peru.  And I hate to say it, but they are ugly buggers.  I hope she likes them better than I do.  Not that the yarn itself isn't attractive, but I think the combo of this yarn and the pattern (Tendril Die Socke) just doesn't work.  The bottoms of the feet, where everything is stockinette looks more appealing than the legs or the tops of the feet, which are done in the spiraling rib pattern.

Oh well.  What they lack in aesthetic value, they will make up for in comfort while she is hiking Machu Picchu and other sites that she plans to go to on days when she isn't in class.

Her info packet about the host family she will live with during the six weeks of her trip arrived yesterday. Reading about them and their neighborhood has really heightened her excitement about going.  It is nearly time to pack; all too soon DH and I will be driving her to the airport and seeing her off on this great international adventure.  (An adventure in which she will complete her minor in International Spanish, leaving her two full years of college to concentrate solely on classes in her major.)

Those of you who are so inclined to pray, this mama would really appreciate your prayers for her safety while she is out of the U.S.  Not that there is any great unrest where she is heading, it's just that, well, she's 19 and obviously a young American female, if you get my drift. At least I talked DH out of booking her on the cheaper flight to Peru, which would have had her doing a long layover in Bogota.  (After I explained to him *where* Bogota is, he understood why I vehemently said "NO!" to sending her on that flight.)  Sometimes, being a big burly guy (and former football player), he just doesn't think about personal safety issues the same way a woman does.  ;0)

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