Monday, April 16, 2012

Chicken Pictures, and More

Saturday morning I loaded up my third rooster, "Trouble", and a couple of the oldest hens and took them up the road to the local auction.  It began about five years ago as just a weekly hay and straw auction, but has since expanded into small animals and poultry. Three or four times a year, they also do consignment auctions of horses and farm equipment.

With the departure of Trouble, the remaining two roosters, Animal and Hot Stuff, jockeyed for who was going to get Trouble's small harem of hens.  Animal is the head rooster, and he set himself up on the trailer king-of-the-mountain style to proclaim his superiority and let all the ladies admire him.

When he didn't get quite the response he apparently had hoped for, he set off across the backyard to round up those silly hens.

By the end of the afternoon, the remaining hens had been redistributed between the boys.

The pair of house finches that return every year to nest in the curve of downspout outside my dining room window have taken up residence.  Mr. Finch sings most of each day on the railing of my back deck.  He's quite photogenic with his red head, throat and breast.

Not to be left out, our remaining barn cat (her two brothers disappeared in March; unfortunately because of the healthy coyote population out here this is not uncommon with barn cats), had to get her share of time in front of the camera.  She is not a bashful barn cat at all.

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