Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Have A Grandbaby!

Surprise, dear readers!  God has blessed DS1 and his girlfriend, with a beautiful baby girl.

This was the news I've been bursting to share, but couldn't.  I've known since Easter, and was waiting for DS1 to let other members of the family know.  It's a long story.  She's not my grandbaby biologically, but through extraordinary circumstances, she is my grandbaby by love, both my love for her, and DS1's love for her mother and his willingness to step in and be the father her bio dad is not willing to be.

The world will say what it may about the situation, but this baby is my son's dear daughter, and therefore my own beloved grandbaby.  Wish I could post pictures of her, she's a real cutie, but I'm sticking to my 'no recognizable faces' policy in regards to photos, especially in this situation.

So share in my happiness :0)  as I announce my first grandchild, who I think I'll refer to as K3 here simply because she will be the third generation of this family who's first name starts with K.  She was born yesterday afternoon, ten little fingers, ten little toes, eyes that might stay blue, and a thatch of blonde hair.  Six pounds, twelve ounces and nineteen and a half inches long. 

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  1. Congratulations!! And who could say anything bad about a guy who steps up to be a dad? Or a lady who steps up to be a grandma? I say "bless your hearts" and that is one lucky little girl!