Friday, May 4, 2012

We Can Break It, Yes We Can

If there's one thing that bugs me, it's products that don't last during normal use.  Because I sure don't think that I'm abusing them, but the list of appliances, tools, furniture, electronics, etc, that have broken at this little place here under every day conditions--not being misused, but employed in the purpose for which they are designed and sold--just keeps getting longer.

I really think I need to advertise myself to product design companies for durability testing.  The this little place here durability test, where things get used daily.  Because who would think, that after less than 5 years a dishwasher handle would break, rendering the dishwasher unable to latch and therefore come on?  Or the display panel on a wall oven stop working?  Or the motor on a front-load washer would go kaput after slightly more than one year of use?  Or shovel handles break?  Or the head of a hoe fall off?  Or a toaster die after 5 years of use?  That a couch would last less than seven years (it's still in use in my house, but in pickier homes it would have been at the curb waiting for the trash man long ago)?  That mattresses which got flipped and turned regularly would develop hollows after 5-6 years, and the fabric cover rip out after 10?  That the ice dispenser in a side-by-side fridge/freezer would seize up in less than 9 years?   That the dishwasher (now on it's third handle) would have the control panel die after not quite eight and a half years?

Or how about this one:

That's the handle for the top oven of my double wall oven.  The one I was baking cookies in yesterday (for the high school drama group to sell at intermission of their Spring Play performances this weekend).  I put cookies in the oven, I took cookies out of the oven.  No problem.  I put cookies in the oven, 9 minutes later I went to take cookies out of the oven, and the handle popped off on one side. 

Luckily there is a vent area at the top of the door that I was able to stick my oven-mitted fingers into and pry the door open to rescue my cookies.  And thankfully, last night after the oven cooled, DH was willing to take the door apart, retrieve the screw that had worked it's way out of the door handle and fallen between the inner layer and outer layer of the door, and put the handle back on for me.

But really?!?  An oven handle that can't cope with not quite nine years of opening and closing the oven door?  I cook.  I bake.  I expect an oven to be able to do that for me several times a week for more than eight point six six six six to infinity. . .years without the handle falling off.

So where do I advertise to get my durability test products so I can start making money at breaking stuff?

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