Thursday, June 7, 2012

Going Batty

Things have been a bit crazy around here this past week, with DD1's graduation and DS1 coming home on very short (only 5 days!) leave for it.  Not to mention finding out last night that the tables and chairs we reserved for the open house this Saturday have been double booked, so we needed to scramble and find seating for 60 when we thought we'd be picking up just that today. . .

Sigh.  I feel like I need a straight jacket, lol.  Sane is not an accurate description of my life right now.  I'm definitely going batty.

Speaking of which, ironically, this morning I got a phone call from a neighbor.  She had a bat get into her house in the middle of the night, and she was hoping I could come get it out.

With a hand towel and a thick pair of leather gloves, I climbed onto the back of her living room sofa, reached up into the folds of her curtains where the bat had settled to sleep for the day, and gently extricated it. 

Then I carried it outside, and set it on the ledge of the window (apparently if you set them on the ground they can't fly off and are easy prey for cats, etc.).  So, by putting it up on the window, I was giving it the opportunity to live to eat tons of mosquitoes (personally, I like bats for this trait.)

After releasing it, and removing my gloves, I took a few pictures on my cell phone for posterity.

Add bat removal to my list of skills :o)

So, today I truly did go batty. In a good way.

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