Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bee Sting Remedy: Quick, Easy & Free!

While out working in the garden this morning, I got stung by a little bee.  Bigger than a sweat bee, but smaller than a honey bee.  Not sure what kind it was, it was a fast little bugger who got me in the inside bend of the elbow while I was yanking some weeds it had been hiding in.

Even as it zipped away, I could all ready feel the burn begin where it had stung me.  A small red spot was barely visible.

I took off my gardening gloves (not to keep my hands lily white and soft as a baby's bottom--HA! that's a hopeless cause with me, no to protect them from thistles that might be lurking) and scooped up a small amount of dirt.  About enough to fit in the tiny dish of my palm when I cupped my hand.

Then I proceeded to salivate real well, and spit into my hand several times.  Using the index finger of my opposite hand, I mixed the dirt and saliva into a paste-like mud.  It was this mud that I used as a bee sting remedy. 

Using my index finger again, I spread the mud onto the bee sting and surrounding area, about fifty-cent size.  Then I continued on with my weeding.  As it dried, the mud provided instant relief, drawing the venom, taking away the sting and keeping away swelling.

This is the quick, easy, and free remedy I use for bee stings (except for my bug-sensitive-ordering-on-allergic DD, who gets a good dose of Benadryl).  I've used it for decades, since my born in eastern Kentucky in 1911 grandfather showed it to me as a child who got stung while out in the fields at his place.

It is so effective that I do not buy over the counter insect sting creams.  Nope, nothing cheaper or more readily available than dirt and spit!

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