Thursday, August 30, 2012

Canning Whole Kernel Corn

Once I'd tried my hand at canning creamed corn, I figured whole kernel couldn't be any more difficult than that.  And I was right; it wasn't.

It did require measuring the corn once I'd cut it from the cob, so that I could add 1/2 tsp salt and 1 cup of water to every pint of kernels, then bringing the whole thing to a simmer before putting into hot jars, but that was as hard as it got.

Even the processing in the pressure canner was easier: 10 pounds pressure for only 55 minutes for pints.

So, from start to finish:

  • pick corn in garden
  • shuck corn and remove silks
  • rinse in cool water
  • cut kernels from ears with sharp paring knife--get entire kernel, you'd be surprised how 'deep' they go; I thought at first I was surely going to cut into the cob
  • amass kernels in a large bowl
  • measure kernels into large pot
  • add 1 cup water and 1/2 tsp canning salt for every 2 cups kernels
  • heat to simmer
  • put in jars, leaving 1" head space
  • process 55 minutes at 10 pounds pressure

corn, water and salt in the jar

jars in the canner

processed jars cooling on island

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