Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Junk Man Cometh

Our friend with the junk hauling business caught us after church last Sunday and said he had another load of useful stuff, with a lot of 4" x 4" lumber, if we were interested in it.  Imagining what he could use those 4-by-4's for, DH said bring it on!

It took him a few days, but the junk man came, and dropped a load of scrap wood.

Looks like a pile of junk, but wait!  Look closer.  There's a usable door that would be great for my future garden shed.

There's some split rail fence pieces, both rails and posts, that appear to be in good shape.  Aged, but not rotten.  Have to wait until we sort through the pile to know how many there are and if that will be enough to maybe put up a decorative fence somewhere.

Peering around some more, I was excited to spot pieces of a martin house.  I've wanted a martin house for a long time, and from what I can tell so far, the pieces are still intact, just disassembled.  So hopefully DH and I can put it back together this winter and find a pole to put it up on.  All flying bug eaters are welcome here.

Another cool find is several landscape timbers.  I can't wait to dig into the pile and see just how many there are.  Landscape timbers are handy things.  You can not only do landscaping with them, they also make great trot poles for working horses over.  :o)

Along with the big stuff like the 4 by 4's, the door, the martin house, the landscape timbers, the split rail fence, I spotted some other stuff that has potential for re-use.  Like spikes (aka really big long nails):

and electric fence insulators:

big old hinges:

a number of 1" x 10" white spruce boards:

as well as pieces of paneling that would be useful for building deer blinds:

What was someone else's worthless trash last week has taken on a Christmas present-like persona this week at this little place here.  As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.  We get excited when the junk man cometh!

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