Monday, February 4, 2013

My Plain Jane Knitted Scarf

I started knitting it a week ago in the absence of a new lesson in knitting.  I wanted to have something to work on while I waited to learn a new to me technique at our upcoming lesson.  It wasn't to be anything spectacular, done completely of knit stitches, no ribs, no cables, no filet (cuz I haven't learned that yet).  So I called it my Plain Jane scarf.

I finished it last night, while watching the Super Bowl.   When I got nearly to the end of the skein of yarn I was using, I figured that was a good length for my scarf.  I like the way it turned out.

draped over the back of a dining room chair
(for an idea of length, it hangs about to my waist)

close up of colors 
(and my knit stitches!)

If you want to make a Plain Jane scarf, all I did was buy a skein of soft, fuzzy (acrylic) yarn in a color combo I thought would go well with both my parka and my dressier winter coat, and using a pair of size 9 knitting needles, cast on 20 stitches.  Then I knit row after row after row until I had just enough yarn left to bind off.  Viola!  Plain Jane scarf.

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