Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We're Not Alone!

Yesterday, while out in the woods tapping trees, I noticed an abundance of animal tracks in the snow.  Quite a few were on the road in the woods.  Which I continually find interesting, as when DH and I decided to build the road, we worried that having a wide path through the woods would be disruptive to the wild things that lived at this little place here before we arrived to take ownership.

On the contrary, they seem to like the road and use it more that we do!  I cannot tell you how many times we see fresh tracks in snow or mud (depending on the time of year), how many hours we've sat hunting and seen animals mosey along the road, enjoying it's unobstructedness rather than go a winding way through briars and underbrush.

I couldn't help but take some pictures yesterday, since I had the camera along with me to document the tree tapping that I was doing.

Turkey tracks

A close up of a turkey track

Deer tracks

Close up of deer track

Perhaps we should call it the 'highway' instead of the 'road'!

Wild turkeys off the road and into the field
(Not sure if the light one is a genetic mutation or a cross with an escaped farm turkey!)

The flock came as a black wave from the woods, then spread out across the field.
I counted 39 turkeys total, not sure if all of them made in it the picture.

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