Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some Random Photos

At this little place here, we're still pretty busy.  Not canning every day any more, but still harvesting veggies and fruits.  Plus, bow hunting season arrived at sunrise this morning, so hopefully soon there will be more butchering to do.

Meanwhile, here are some random photos of things on my small piece of the earth.

Diamond lace patterned shawl I'm working on.  About 1/3 done.
Done on size 9 circular needles, it's my 'need a break' project when I want to knit but am weary of the tiny dpns socks are worked on (DD2 will be getting a handknit pair of socks for her birthday this weekend).

A late September sunrise,
 on one of our rare not-foggy mornings this time of year.

Bluebird in the top of one of our smallest maple trees; 
the maples are just starting to turn color.

A handful of pear,
one of about a half bushel off one of my trees.  
We've picked the pear tree and two of the apple trees in the orchard recently.  

That's all for now, I have three different varieties of peppers to can this afternoon (pickled hot peppers, jalapenoes, and pepperoncini), and hopefully tonight will have the first knitting lesson I've had since spring!

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