Monday, December 2, 2013

Gifts In Progress

Now that deer season is over (well, the part that I most actively take part in, anyway--it's back to bow season now with about a week of 'late antlerless' firearm around Christmas time), my focus turns to working in earnest on handmade Christmas presents.  I've actually been working on them since October, but not as high priority, more as free time kind of things.  This week, however, that all changes.  Gift creation time becomes much higher on the activities list.

So far, I've finished two creations for K3: a knit stuffed horse and a pair of socks.  Her socks I made from yarn I had leftover after making my yellow/green/blue socks pictured in my post Still Knitting.

I have also knit up a few dishcloths to give to a friend.

Plus, there is a variety of jams and some pints of maple syrup in my cellar that will be given as gifts too.

In the works currently:
  • a batch of homemade vanilla is finishing aging, ready to be bottled this weekend
  • packaging of calendula and black-eyed susan seeds from my flowerbeds
  • a jar of homemade taco seasoning mix (will season 8 pounds of meat; in other words, 8 taco dinners)
  • a dishcloth with a snowflake on it

Soon to be started:
  • aprons for K2 (pink camo), DS1 (regular camo) and maybe a small one for K3 if I have big enough camo scraps from making her mommy and daddy's aprons
  • 'bowl holders' for at least 3 people on my list, maybe more (if you don't know what they are, google it.  Saw these at a craft show two weeks ago and thought what an awesome idea) 
  • quilted casserole tote for my mom
  • socks for K2 and if time, more socks for K3 using the leftover yarn from K2's socks
  • knit camo hat for DH (he actually requested I knit him something!!)
  • a knitted, stuffed horse for my 2yo niece
  • crocheted 'scrubbies' of nylon net to give with the dishcloths

I also plan to do some edibles closer to the time they will actually be given:
  • peanut brittle
  • toffee
  • fudge
  • buckeyes
As you can see, there is lots for me to create in the next 22 days!

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