Friday, March 7, 2014

Challenge #9: Go Somewhere!

The local colleges, both community and state university, are on Spring Break this week.  A lot of the college kids have gone somewhere, either home to see family and old friends, or to warmer sunnier destinations. A break from their classes, a break from the winter doldrums.

Which gave me the idea for this week's challenge.  Go Somewhere!

Now, I don't mean on a week-long vacation that includes hotel stays and lots of money.  Nope, I have more in mind the local and cheap kind of going somewhere.  Check out what is going on within an hour's drive of where you live.  Find something you are interested in going and seeing, or doing, and then make a plan to go there.

For instance, after a brief internet search, here is what I found going on within an hour's drive of this little place here for March 7 (today) through next Friday, March 14th.

  • several plays at community and professional theaters
  • a talk about raising urban chickens
  • a seminar by Temple Grandin
  • the annual Michigan Horse Council Horse Expo
  • a seminar about the safety of vaccines
  • a gardening workshop
  • a Home & Garden Expo
  • several free or low cost concerts featuring classical, jazz and blues music
  • a workshop that teaches you how to juggle (!!)
  • several band concerts
  • swing dancing
  • a performance by a symphony orchestra
  • a free class on home decorating
  • a class on meditation
  • several toastmasters meetings
  • an indoor farmers' market
  • several art exhibits
  • a class that teaches you how to play the ukulele
  • a library used book sale
  • a ceramic workshop that teaches you how to mold clay
  • a free workshop on how to buy a home
  • a Women's Expo
  • a Mom to Mom sale
  • a beer festival
  • retirement planning seminar
  • workshop on how to research your genealogy
  • several computer classes
  • a euchre tournament
  • a fish fry dinner
  • a spaghetti dinner fundraiser
  • a wild game dinner
  • a panel discussion on fracking
  • a blood drive
  • a deer & turkey expo
  • a boat show
  • an rv and camper show

That doesn't even include the places that are open year round, like the hands-on science museum oriented toward children, or the historical museum near the state capitol.

Take a few minutes, do a little searching, and find something interesting nearby to go do.  Then give yourself a little break and go somewhere!

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