Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rainy Day. . .

There is a lot going on at this little place here right now, but not much to talk about, really, which is why I haven't posted lately.  I'm busy, with stuff that's not yet very noteworthy (but some should be in the near future--I'll let you know when the time comes).

Seeds are started and under lights in the study.  Tomatoes, peppers, artichokes (my gardening experiment this year), broccoli, basil.  I still need to get some cabbage seeds going, but not as many as last year.  LOL.

Our firewood pile is nearly used up.  It has been a long, cold winter as far as wood usage goes.  We have a whole lot more cut, but right now it's stranded out in the woods.  The snow melted, mostly, so retrieval by snowmobile and dog sled are out of the question.  The field is a bit too mucky to drive the tractor out there.  Which means that lately DH has been eyeing the large pile of unsplit wood near the firewood stack (if you can even call it a stack anymore, at knee-high) and looking for chunks that are small enough to fit through the door of the wood boiler.  I'm thinking he's going to need to haul the splitter out of the barn and split a cord or so to keep us from having to switch over to propane heat before the end of April gets here and we can reasonably turn off the heat system all together.  There is propane in the tank, which is a small 300-gallon one, but it is supposed to last until June when propane prices are really low before I call for a refill.  It won't last to the end of April if we have to start heating with it.  I'm not about to pay top dollar for my fuel; I'll drag the splitter out myself first!  I've got that tank planned for a once-a-year fill-up, in summer, when demand for fuel is low.

Things are thawing out.  Mud abounds, interspersed with new snow that only lasts a day or two before melting away.  Last week we got about 8" in a twelve hour period, and all our vehicles ended up covered in gray salty grime within 24 hours just from the little bit of driving we do.

Today it is gloomy, gray, rainy.  But I'm actually glad for a rainy day, because that rain is saving me money: FREE CAR WASH!!  The Suburban is all black and shiny again now.  :0)  Well, it will be as soon as the rain washes off the mud splashes it incurred when I drove up the driveway today after working at the horse farm.

There will be a temporary lull in blogging while I work on tapping trees (finally, a spell of weather where the sap should run!), doing some planning for a business start up this summer, try to wrap up my 'employment' down at the horse farm (including train my replacement if the owner gets around to finding someone before my chosen last day of work), and doing all the myriad other tasks of daily life at this little place here.  I'll still post the Friday challenges, but for a little while I can't promise daily posts.

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