Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eighth Socks

I finished my eighth pair of socks last night.

Before I started, just looking at the colors in the yarn, I thought the socks would come out striped.  I even chose a pattern in which the yarn used for the example made stripes.  Although it was kind of a choose your own adventure pattern, with the designer giving you the choice of three leg patterns, three heel patterns, and two different ways to finish off the toes.

The combo I went with (K6, P2 on the leg, eye of partridge heel, and wedge toe) did not a striped sock make with my chosen yarn.  They are cool socks though, very tie-dyed or otherwise psychedelic looking.  So that is what I have been referring to them as: my Psychedelic Socks.

not quite identical

outside right foot

outside left foot

The only striping I got was on the heel gusset and decrease, and then again near the end of the toe.  Otherwise the color kind of pooled and traveled around the sock.  I think if I do this pattern again, with similar yarn, I will try going up one needle size (I used a size 0), as the socks I ended up with are not super stretchy, and see if that makes a difference in creating a stripe or not.

Meanwhile, they will be my loud and crazy psycho socks.  :0)

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  1. Perfect! I'd love those! Wish I knew how to knit...