Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Did My Earthy Stuff Yesterday

I did not plant anything today for Earth Day.  Instead, yesterday afternoon I finished weeding and mulching the flowerbeds to the west, north, and east of the house.  All that is left to do are the couple of beds on the south side.  But I am out of mulch.  The two yards or so I bought last fall got me farther than I thought it would, but wasn't quite enough to do every bed that needs mulching.  Guess I have rather a lot of footage in flower beds.

Here are pictures of just the east side and the larger of the west side beds.

east flower bed, about 2' wide and 28' long

2 of the 3 west flower beds, 
totaling about 45' long and roughly 5' wide

Currently, my crocus and Siberian squill are in bloom, as well as the daffodils in the south bed.  The daffodils in the east bed are starting to develop buds, but will be another week or so before they are in bloom.  I always find it interesting how the sides of my house are their own little micro climates.

Siberian squill

(in the bed that still needs cleaning and mulching)

There are a few hyacinth that have started to bloom, although most of them aren't ready yet.

My next task will be to get in my strawberry patch now that the ground in the garden in dry enough to walk on.  I need to clean up last fall's runners, pull perennial weeds, then lay down newspapers with straw over top for mulch between the rows.  Hopefully that will keep the strawberry patch weed-free this season.

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