Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Ramblings

We had a wonderful Easter at this little place here.  It started early, with church at 7:30 a.m.  Both DD2 and I sang in the choir; I am a soprano and she sings alto.  I'd been worried about one of the pieces the choir was to perform, as most of the soprano part was very high--A's and C's and even some G's.  So far in practice we still hadn't nailed it consistently, but the choir director director was certain that Easter morning would work magic with our voices.

And it did.  The song sounded wonderful, way better than it ever had in the eight weeks we've been practicing it!!  There was a second service, at 10:30 a.m. that the choir also sang in, and that one wasn't quite as flawless, our voices were a bit tired after nailing everything in the first service.  I'm glad I didn't squeak though; just a few of my high G's weren't quite G's, so I dropped the volume a tad on those and let the other sopranos who were hitting G drown out my attempted G that came out a C or an A.

Then it was home, through ever warming air, with sunny blue skies to finish getting the house and meal ready for company.  We had a nice dinner mid-afternoon with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend and their daughter (my only niece.)  DH and I both enjoyed taking the niece around outside, trying to make a country girl out of a toddler who has so far only known city. 

She loved running around trying to catch the chickens, who all stayed just a step ahead of her.  She also enjoyed petting Jane, our rabbit.  We had dyed eggs for her to hunt ("real" eggs, not the plastic ones she'd hunted at Grandma's house earlier), and also took her in the chicken house to see if the chickens had laid any new eggs.  It was so funny hearing her say "eww, chicken poop!" one minute, but the next insisting she wanted to go back out and "catch a chicken".  Before she went home, DH got out the tractor and took her for a ride.  We even convinced my brother to go for a short ride before they left for home--I think it may have been the first time he's been on a tractor in his life.  He wasn't too sure, so DD1 and DD2 said they'd go with him.

DH giving tractor rides;
my brother on the right, 
top of niece's head is barely visible between his shoulder and DD2's chin.

Both of my sons called also.  Neither one was able to make it home for Easter, being 10 hours and 14 hours away.  It was nice to talk to them and hear how their day had gone.  DS2 had put together an Easter dinner with his housemates; he said each of the six guys made something for the meal and it turned out "good, actually" (he sounded kind of surprised).  DS1 had taken his family to church (yay, DH and I have been trying to get them to find a church home and attend regularly with K3), then been taken to brunch by his in-laws.

This morning is another warm one, a bit humid with the air of a day where a thunderstorm is brewing.  Supposedly there is a 'chance' of rain this evening.  

Meanwhile, the neighbor across the road half a mile up burned off his field this morning, which he does annually.  I was glad to be home at the time, which gave me the chance to get a few pictures.  

the pine trees are about 20 feet tall, 
and yes, that is flames reaching above them.

He is very careful to burn safely, taking into account how dry everything is, the wind direction and speed, and plowing a fire break first, then setting his back burn before lighting the field.  It takes an hour or so for him to burn the roughly 10 acres that he does. 

While that was going on, I had several turkeys doing the mating dance in my own field.

It was tough to leave all that interesting stuff behind to go to work, but horses needed their stalls cleaned.  And, being so warm today, they also appreciated it when I took the shedding blade to them and relieved them of a layer of loose winter hair.  When I was done, the horses were much nicer looking than my gloves.

One of the mares enjoyed it so much, she wouldn't leave me alone after that.  Maybe she was just trying to say "thank you".

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