Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Poultry In Motion

Around the barn and chicken coop. . . 

"Man, I am so glad warmer weather is finally here."
"Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm ready to stretch my legs and get away from the coop for a while."

"Hey!  I've got an idea.  Let's go see what's happenin' in the hay field."
"Yeah, yeah, good idea.  Haven't been to the hay field in forever."
"Oooh, you think there will be any bugs yet?"

"Anybody see any bugs to eat?"
"Bummer, not even the flies are out yet."
"And the grass and clovers aren't greening yet either."

Meanwhile, out by the woods. . . .

(Toms:)  "How are you ladies doing this fine day?"
(One hen to the rest):  "Ignore them, they only want one thing."

"Ahem, girls, see anything you like?"
"Wanna shake some tail feathers with me?"
(third tom, in a quiet voice): "Uh guys, I don't think they like us."

(Toms on the right):  "Forget them, let's go over here."
(Tom on the left):  "Maybe they didn't notice yet how awesome I am.  Maybe if I just puff myself up a little more. . . "

(Tom on the left):  "Ooh la la!  Guys, wait for me!"

(group of hens):  "Hey, wait a minute!  Now they're all looking at that girl!"

(Toms):  "Surrounded by ladies.  Now this is more like it!"

"Pick me!  Pick me!  I'm the studliest one of all!"

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