Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Quilt For Toad

Some of my readers might remember back in March when I announced that I am expecting a new grandbaby and had recently found out that it is a boy.  Ever since late October, when DS1 called me with the news that he and K2 were expecting again, I had planned to make a quilt for the baby.  As early as November, I started picking up fabrics (tractor, camo, Jesus fish) to use in the quilt no matter what gender the baby turned out to be.  As soon as I got confirmation that he is a him, not a her, I finished my fabric shopping (blue, the mudder trucks, the blaze orange) so that I could get cracking on that quilt.

Well, it took a bit longer to finish than I expected, but the quilt is now done. Toad, as I have taken to thinking of him, has a quilt awaiting his impending arrival in the next six weeks or so.

He also has his official moniker for this blog :0), which involves a long story about the name his parents have chosen for him and how his father--DS1--was unable to make the hard 'C'/'K' ("kkk") sound for most of the first four years of life, instead saying "ttt" as the first sound of his first name and that of DS2.

Anyway, to recap, here are the fabrics I had chosen for Toad's quilt:

And here is the newly completed quilt:

For the backing, I used the blaze orange that is the thin inner border on the front of the quilt.  In this next picture, the wind caught a corner of the quilt and flipped it, showing the backing.

Now I anxiously await the day that dear little baby boy arrives, when I can wrap him in his quilt, and hold him in my arms.

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