Friday, May 16, 2014

Challenge #19: Take a Day Off

This challenge is brought to you by the nasty stomach virus I had yesterday which has left me totally wiped out.  I normally have an iron stomach; the last time I threw up was in 1997 while pregnant for DD2.  So to throw up every 20-30 minutes for six hours straight, well, it was beyond nasty.

Anyway, without going into too many more disgusting details, this week's challenge is to Take A Day Off.

Please don't wait until a really awful illness forces you too.  Everyone needs to take a day, now and then, to just slow down and breathe.  Maybe you're in the mood for a movie marathon.  Maybe there's a book that's been calling your name.  Maybe there is a knitting project you'd like to spend more time on.

Or maybe you just want to go do something different.  Go to the beach.  Go hiking on a nature trail. Go garage saleing.  Spend a day just letting your whims dictate your schedule (or letting your level of strength dictate what you do; after not eating for 24 hours straight to make sure my stomach was good and empty, I'm not feeling all that zippy today).

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