Saturday, May 10, 2014

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Today was so warm and sunny my seedlings got to go outside for about six hours.

Some people might not like dandelions, but in my opinion their bright yellow heads look cheerful.

The woods have taken on a greenish haze.

My bleeding heart plant is in bloom.

Nothing smells better than laundry dried in the wind and the sunshine.

The tulips are loving the sunshine too.

Orange ones are my favorite.  
(And hard to find, took me years of searching to find bulbs for a truly orange tulip).

Of course, the yellow ones are pretty too.

These burgundy ones look nice against the foundation of the house.

There is a robin's nest tucked into one of the pine trees near the garden.

Goat milk from a friend.
First time we had ever tried it--it is delicious!
Now I need some goats at this little place here.  :0)

One of the pear trees has started to bloom.

My best cherry tree is blooming too.

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