Thursday, May 29, 2014

Like a Duck to Water

The weather really warmed up in the past week.  Feels like summer now (as a side note, this is the reason I wait until Memorial Day to wash and put away all our winter gear--any time prior to the last week of May there is still the possibility of frost and cold, chilly days).  

Since the ducklings and goslings are getting so big, with the warm hot weather, DD2 was begging me to let her put them in some water so they could go for their first swim.

She found an empty plastic tote that she thought would be big enough, and begged me some more.  Being as the outdoor temperature was above eighty degrees, I gave in, as long as she dried the birds and put them back in the brooder where they could get under the heat lamp if they were chilly.

First were the ducklings.  They loved it, paddling around and dipping their beaks in the water.

happy wet face

Next were the goslings, who filled the tote a bit more than the ducklings did.  Their lack of space didn't stop them from diving under the water repeatedly, getting themselves all wet.

I guess once our new waterfowl are old enough to move out of the brooder, we will have to buy a wading pool for their pen.

They also liked walking around in the grass and the flowerbed.

"which way do we go?"

running to follow DD2 across the yard

preening to fluff up their damp down

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