Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another Baby Quilt

Time is getting short before my nephew is due to arrive in this world, and I figured I should probably get his quilt finished.  Today's weather forecast was originally stormy, so I had planned that, being stuck inside due to inclement weather, I should spend a few hours sandwiching and quilting my newest creation.

The weather forecast was wrong; not a drop of rain fell all day.  It was, however, hot and humid, so the middle hours of the day were best spent indoors.  And, while I had the iron out and heated up for pressing the backing fabric of the quilt before assembly, I knocked off my pile of ironing too.  Killing two birds with one stone, as it were.  (And much easier to explain how several hours of my day was spent 'playing' instead of working, LOL)

I really like how this latest quilt turned out.  I had chosen the fabrics, wanted to do pinwheels with them, and drawn up a couple different color combos and placements for the blocks.  DD2 was privileged enough to be my design consultant (I have yet to make a quilt from a kit or pattern thought up by someone other than myself), and she picked the design that featured an equal number of light and dark blocks.

Now that the quilt is done, I really like how it turned out.  She has a good eye.  I'll have to remember to get her opinion for future designs too.

I call this one "What's His Name's Quilt", since, as last I heard (two weeks ago), his parents had not yet agreed upon a name for him.  He'll be here in the next seven days--as per a deadline given by the obstetrician--so they'll be deciding on a moniker pretty soon.  Or else this eccentric old aunt will start referring to him in person as WHN.  ;0)

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