Friday, September 5, 2014

Challenge #32: Stop Procrastinating

I almost titled this one "Challenge Yourself" as in Make-Your-Own-Challenge.  But, I figured when it came right down to it, what I was going to tell you was to stop procrastinating.

You know, that one project (or maybe two) that you kept saying you were going to get done, but so far this year it hasn't happened yet.   If it's an outdoor project, in need of warm and dry weather, you are probably running out of time.  So, you should just bite the bullet and get it done.

For example, we were going to stain the deck and the front porch.  Last year.  DH power washed the deck in preparation to stain it.  But then he never got around to figuring up how much stain we needed to buy, so I never went and bought it.  And then suddenly it was winter.  Can't stain the deck, in Michigan, in the winter.  So, we put it off for this summer.

Early this summer, DH power washed the front porch in preparation to stain it.  We were really going to get it done this time!  In fact, we were going to do it before hosting the family reunion in late July.

Uh-huh.  We were.  Honest.  But, you know, it's still not done.  Still haven't bought the stain.  DH still hasn't figured up how much we need (and I really, really suck at that kind of thing--figuring linear feet and translating that into volume of liquid needed to cover the area).

Just the other day he was telling me that we need to get the stain bought if we were going to stain the deck and the porch this year.  We're running out of good weather.  We both know once October gets here, a colder wetter season sets in.  A season in which you don't get a dry deck and a warm day to stain and a couple days of no precipitation/heavy morning fog for the stain to dry well to happen all in a row like that.

I reminded him that he needs to do the math and let me know how much stain to buy.  Otherwise I'm going to have to do the best I can with that kind of geometrical figuring (I hated Geometry in school, it hurt my brain much more than advanced algebraic functions did) and we'll either end up with way more stain than we need, or not quite enough.

He and I both need to stop procrastinating.  I really could look up exactly how to figure how many gallons and parts of gallons it would take to get the project done.  Or, he really could take all of two minutes and do the calculating himself.  Either way, we'd be able to go buy the stain, and be ready to apply it while the weather  is still favorable.

What have you been procrastinating about?  How much time would it actually take you to get it done if you stopped dragging your feet and making it into a mountain rather than the molehill it probably is.

Stop procrastinating.

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