Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Chapter

Oh. My. Goodness.

So much to say; so much going on, so many adjustments to make, so little time to get on the computer.  So little blogging going on.

In the last six days I have:

  • flown to Savannah,GA
  • watched/cared for my grand kids (K3 and Toad) while their parents and DH loaded the contents of their entire house--minus the washer, dryer, couches and dining table & chairs that were sold and picked up the day we arrived--onto a moving truck.
  • helped wash/clean their house while grands were napping
  • driven from way southern South Carolina to middle Tennessee in the middle of the night (it was after 9:30 p.m. when we all finally hit the road to start the big journey)
  • driven from middle Tennessee to mid-Michigan all day and half the night
  • (four hours of TN to MI drive spent in DS1's car with K2 because they were stressing out and kids were fussy and, well, to be blunt, those two needed to be separated until everyone cooled down, so DH and I did what needed to be done.  Just like with little kids: we put one in one corner [moving truck] and one in another corner [the car] until hot heads were cooled.)

  • had 6 extra guests for dinner and to see DS1 and his family the afternoon after we arrived at this little place here in the middle of the night (What in the heck was everyone thinking?!?  This couldn't have waited???)
  • had DS1's two dogs pee on everything in my garage the night we arrived, including 3 crates of onions from the garden I was storing there
  • had one of DS1's two dogs go on a chicken killing spree.  Of 17 birds that were in my coop yesterday morning, I for sure have 6 left, two of which are wounded but should recover.  Four were found dead, one more found so wounded we had to put it out of it's misery.  Six are MIA in the corn field, where they don't have good odds against the local coyotes and raccoons.  Dogs will be finding new homes, as they cannot be trusted around livestock.  Such a shame after they traveled so well all the way up here.  Also a shame because it adds stress to DS1 and K2; he understands about no second chances with dogs who kill stock, but it is a new concept for her.  (On the positive side, at least it was chickens.  If the dog had ran horses I would have gotten the .22 and ended that myself.  Then there would be even more tension in the house.)
So.  It's been an interesting almost-week since I last posted.  Much to do.  Many things to hash out.  New routines to be set.  Culture shock (on the part of Southern/City Girl K2) to deal with.

Hold on; it's going to be a wild ride.

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