Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Had a Bit of a Storm

Friday was the hottest day of the summer.  Ironic, being that so many people keep saying it's fall since school is back in session.  But, it was. We finally hit 90 degrees (it's been a cool, wet summer overall).  And, of course, having a hot hot day like that meant that some volatile weather came our way late in the afternoon.

It was after dinner, actually, when I felt the wind change and pick up.  I went out front, since front is west and west is the direction most of our weather comes from.  What I saw sent me back inside for the camera.

I could tell the front coming in was going to be good for a strong storm.  Especially, as it got closer, I could see clouds not just scudding toward the east, but also see updrafts and some partial rotations form.

You say "rotation" in reference to a storm, and most people go inside to shelter.  Me, I got excited and stood in the yard, camera pointing up, trying to get pictures of the spots where the rotations would form, then break apart.  Of course I was watching for any signs of funnel clouds all the while; I'm not totally stupid.  ;0)

I did get one good picture that you can see some rotation in the clouds. That was looking straight up, at the underside of the cloud.

But it didn't develop further than that.  No funnel descent.  About then the sky broke open and I scurried indoors to shut the windows so my wood floors didn't get wet.  Inside, I did take a few more pictures, mostly of the trees getting lashed by the wind and rain.

Once the storm had passed, I started scouting around for damage.  All I found was this:

One piece of wooden siding had been ripped off the chicken coop by the wind.  It was lifted over the stuff in the foreground, and I found it resting, unscathed, on top of the brush hog.  DH and I put it back on that night (in the pouring rain which started up again half-way through our endeavor.)

Other than that, our only lasting sign of the storm is this:

Yep, power's out.  Running the generator a few hours a couple times a day to keep the fridges and freezers cold, as well as let the well pump run and refill the pressure tank so we can have some water to use sparingly.  

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