Thursday, October 9, 2014


One of the things I am finding hardest to adjust to, with DS1 and his family living here, is that I now have pretty much no private time for blogging.  Or private time for much of anything, really.  I have gotten really used to having the days to myself, at least during the school and work hours.  Now, I am only alone if I leave the house.  Otherwise I have a 2 year old shadow (K3) wanting to follow me everywhere. That might be my biggest dilemma right now: how to train her (more exactly, her and her parents) to let me have time and space to do my own thing when I am at home and they are too.

So, for now, rather than writing about anything I really want to talk about--haven't had the time/quietness to properly think through any of the ideas I have for blog posts--I'm just going to share a few pictures from this week.

sunrise feeding time at the horse farm

wood pile, just about enough for winter
(you can't tell from this angle, but the stack is 6 foot high)

corn mostly dried down

rainbow after a passing shower

red velvet birthday cake and blue moon ice cream
(DD2's favorites)

evening color

leaves on the silver maples starting to turn

the local laundromat,
where I have never been until now (despite living in the general area for 20 years).

Ironically, the day I took loads and loads of wet laundry to the laundromat in order to use their dryers  (too cloudy and wet here for most of the past week for anything to line dry) is the same day DH decided to take another look at my dryer (dead since the end of July) and discovered all it needs is a new ignitor. Simple to take off, simple to re-install. A new ignitor was ordered the next day, and should be here by Saturday afternoon.  That will, hopefully, be the subject of an entire post in the near future.

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