Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yarn Along 11: Slowly, slowly

It's a cool and cloudy Wednesday here.  A quick sprinkle followed by a break in the clouds created a beautiful rainbow in the west shortly after I finished feeding horses earlier this morning.  A western rainbow is not too often seen here; usually our rainbows happen later in the day when the sun is to the west all ready.  So, despite my unexpected shower at roughly 40 degrees, I did enjoy the rainbow the rising sun made.

Now I'm back indoors and ready to join Ginny for the weekly Yarn Along.

2nd sock of DS2's Athos socks for Christmas has only gotten as far as finishing the cuff.  A whole 12 rows since last week's yarn along.

I managed to finish Chart A on the oaklet shawl, and have gotten about halfway through Chart B (the lace border).  It is so wide now that I can't stretch it very far without it falling off the needles.  I'm hoping to finish it in the next few days and get it blocked so I can have a picture of it full width to show off for next week's yarn along.

As far as reading goes, it's been slow going on my book this week also.   I've only gotten 120 pages in, and it's due back to the library tomorrow.  Unfortunately there are something like 20 holds on the book, so I can't renew it.  :0(  I'll just have to return it unfinished and then immediately put in a request for it so that hopefully my turn will come around again in a month or so and I can read the rest before I forget the storyline.

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  1. Pretty sock yarn. I'm anxious to see your Oaklet blocked out. That was a great pattern. I had such a hard time at the ending lace though for some reason.