Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yarn Along 14: Hunting and Knitting

Joining in with Ginny on this cold and snowy Wednesday.

Firearm deer season started on Saturday, so I haven't actually done much knitting in the past several days.  It's been too cold to take my knitting to the blind with me (ever try to knit while wearing big thick gloves?  Doesn't work.), so the picture below is actually a pic I took last hunting season.  The little bit of knitting I have done in the past five days has taken place in the warmth of my living room rather than in the deer blind or tree stand.

when you're 18 feet up a tree,
 hopefully it won't matter that the yarn is not camouflage patterned

I've only managed to get one pattern repeat--16 rows--done on the final Athos sock this week. 

I'm somewhat perturbed that it isn't finished yet, but then again, I've worked about 27 hours and hunted about 19 hours in the past seven days.  When I haven't been hunting or working, I've been trying like crazy to keep up with my regular household duties (you know, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, taking care of chickens and grandchildren, etc.).  And, of course, I have to sleep sometimes too.

The one thing I have managed to do a lot of is reading.  Hunting is an excellent time to get some reading done.  After all, you need to sit quietly so as to not scare off any potential dinner--I mean, any deer--and being bored makes most people fidgety. So while I'm waiting for deer to meander my way, I do a lot of reading.  Read a page, scan the woods for deer, read a page, scan for deer, read a page. . . When you are sitting for three or fours at a stretch you can get a lot of pages read this way.

I finished The Meaning of Names, which I really enjoyed even though it was a bit heavy of subject matter (and there's a twist at the end!), then proceeded to read Comfort & Joy on Sunday (two hunting sessions), and started Homeward Bound on Monday.  Comfort & Joy was a much lighter and fast read compared to The Meaning of Names, but I do recommend both of them.  

So far I am liking Homeward Bound; it is interesting since many of the homesteading/self-sufficiency/crafty/attachment parenting types of things I have been doing since the early 1990s are now considered a movement and I'm more of a cool sage and guru than an odd-ball on the fringe now.  Having spent most of my adult life defending my out-of-step from society lifestyle, it's kind of uplifting to now be considered someone with valuable knowledge to share,  LOL.  If you aren't familiar with my journey from born-in-the-Detroit-suburbs city child to can-do-anything country dwelling earth mama, check out this old post.  It talks a little bit about the impetuous for my lifestyle, and I assure you it has nothing political, environmental, or trendy about it.

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  1. Those socks look super warm - lovely! I know what you mean about being the odd-ball. I still am here - I live in a super conservative country town, but slowly things are changing. I have a friend who says she quite likes being the local weirdo! Good luck with the deer - love some venison!