Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yarn Along: Finished Gifts

Joining Ginny today for the yarn along.  Since she is sharing finished handmade gifts at this last yarn along of the year, and since I haven't been around to post a yarn along since Dec 10th, I thought I too would share what Christmas creations kept me busy in the 'missing' weeks of this month.

more mini mittens

I made five pair of mini mittens in all, one pair in blue for a friend who loves the color blue, and two sets of pink and blue for family members who have both a young daughter and a young son.

the fingerless gloves for DD1's long-time boyfriend

He was quite surprised that I had knit him something, and, according to DD1, he wears them all the time.

Lego mitts

I saw these earlier this fall, and just knew I had to make a pair for DS2.  He was a huge fan of Legos growing up, still has all his Bionicles sets in their original containers, and isn't too cool to admit that even in college he likes to build with Lego blocks.  I'm betting these mitts get shown off on campus once he gets back to school for his final semester.  Because he's in his senior year at an engineering college, and everyone there will think his mitts are the coolest.  Even the grad students.

Then there were several non-knit gifts that I also made.  I forgot to take a picture of the several pounds of peanut brittle, but I did get photographic evidence of the sewn items I created this month.


This, too, was a gift for DS2.  He likes to cook, and did not yet own an apron.  Being that he has secured a job after graduation with Ford Motor Company, I thought that an apron in Ford print fabric would make a good gift.

flannel nightgown

K3 came to Michigan woefully lacking in warm winter jammies. Grandma to the rescue!  I made this simple nightgown a bit long so that she can get several winters out of it before it gets outgrown.  (Full disclosure:  I had planned to make more than one, but ran out of time, so finished just one for Christmas.  One or two more will be made before this winter is over; the fabric is washed, ironed, and waiting to be cut.)

fabric box

I saw a tutorial for cute quilted boxes this summer, and decided to try my hand at making one.  Being my first attempt, it isn't perfect, but it was good enough to gift holding a baggie of peanut brittle.  In the above picture, it holds a jar of mint sugar scrub, which had been my original intention of what to put in the box, but I decided it looked better with a bag of candy sticking out the top than a jar of skin scrub nestled down inside.

baprons, front side

baprons, reverse side

Poor Toad is teething, and subsequently drooling all over every shirt he owns, soaking it within fifteen minutes of putting it on.  So, I hunted up the tutorial for making baprons--baby aprons--that I found back in 2012 and made him a few of his own.  In my hunting for the tutorial, I discovered that the free pattern I downloaded 2+ years ago is no longer free as of summer 2013.  Which made me scramble through my file cabinet hoping I hadn't thrown away my paper pattern and printed instructions!  Thankfully, I was able to locate both, and Toad now has his very own baprons and his chest stays dry.

burp cloths
 (or, as they are known less genteelly around this little place here: "spit rags")

spit rags unfolded to show their 12" x 15" finished size

So, all that is part of what kept me from blogging for most of the second half of December.  The other parts have nothing to do with knitting, sewing, or other crafting, so they'll have to be blogged about on some day that isn't a Wednesday.  ;0)

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