Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.1: Socks

Happy First Wednesday of 2015!  Do you know what that means?

It's time to join Ginny for the weekly Yarn Along!

Remember the Christmas socks for my Mom I knit last year?  These socks?

unblocked, but finished 

pattern detail

She loves them.  She loves them so much, that the day after she received them, she hinted, on Facebook of all places (nothing like letting the world know to add to the pressure, thanks, Mom) that her birthday is coming up in February and another pair of socks handknit by her daughter (in other words, me) would be a wonderful birthday present.  She would even supply the yarn.

Being put into the spotlight like that, I replied that she better hurry and get the yarn to me if she wanted birthday socks, seeing as socks used to take me a month to make prior to expanding the population of our home by four and the last pair knit (post population increase) had taken two full months.  Well, the very next day after the Facebook post about the socks, she called me and said she was on her way to my house, with a brand new skein of sock yarn.

So, yeah, I've got socks on my needles again.  She chose self-striping yarn, so I'm doing a simple pattern that works well with the design dyed into the yarn.

Currently, I am reading Miss Julia's School of Beauty.  It's been at least a year since I've read a Miss Julia book, and this one feels like a treat.  Especially after the craziness of December when I didn't read much at all (confession:  this is a library book I checked out in December and had to renew last week when I hadn't hardly read any of it in the 3 weeks it's been checked out in my name.)  After New Year's I picked it up again and I'm pretty sure I'll be finishing it by the weekend.

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