Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.5: I Changed My Mind

It's a snowy Wednesday at this little place here.  Joining Ginny & the Yarn Along gang again this week.

Last week, I mentioned I was going to use this ball of yarn:

and make it into a Multnomah shawl.

Well. . .  I made a quick swatch, wasn't comfortable with the sizing on those particular needles (although I loved the way the colors came out), and I changed my mind.

hmm, this doesn't look like a square to me;
either I read the pattern gauge wrong, or this is going to require some modification.
I want an easy, fun knit, not math and thinking!

Instead, I am going to make this shawl with my lovely yarn.  I don't know; something about the name of the pattern, my current state of stress, and the cheerful colors of the yarn. . . Yeah, they go together.

Since I didn't decide until Monday that the Multnomah just wasn't what this yarn was destined for, and since I didn't find the new shawl pattern until yesterday in the late afternoon, I haven't got much to show yet.

But here's my start, anyway.

posing in today's fresh snow

indoors, about to be abducted by the yarn thief!

I am definitely liking my change of mind.  This pattern is easy peasy, exactly the brainless knitting I need right now.

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