Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Not Many Words, Lots of Crappy Cell Phone Pics

More horse time this month than I have had in years.  As in, time 'playing' (as DH puts it) with my horses and enjoying them.

Lunging Mr. Cold Back before riding.

When I bought the Quarter Horse, he thought lunging meant running full blast in tight circles with his head up.  It's so very nice to see him in a relaxed frame enjoying his work now.

Nice tongue; perhaps his commentary on me taking cell phone pics.

And what does he do once we're done riding and I turn him back out into the sun and warm(ish) air?  Roll in the mud, of course.

Been occasionally riding The Mare too.  I have officially retired her from dressage work now that she's 26 (and having some hind-end issues).  My new focus with her is just riding out wherever we may roam.  All at a nice leisurely walk.

Once done, she's got to get her roll in the mud too.

muddy mess

Then there's the Old Man, 31 this year.  He has not been ridden yet in 2015, but he gets his share of the attention too.  Mostly in grooming, and then hamming it up for the camera.

"Hey Kris, put the camera down and feed me some carrots!"

Some days I'd swear he was 21.

Or maybe even 11.

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