Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.9: Oh Snap!

Warm (okay, relative term; temperature is still not above freezing, but it's almost to 30!) and windy here today.  Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

Late last week, I was knitting merrily away on my Rosamond sock, when. . . SNAP!

Oh shi----I mean, oh snap!--I broke a DPN!  Ruh-roh, as Scooby Doo would say.  The cat all ready chewed up the end of one of my needles, making it very difficult to knit with.  Now I'd broken a needle, leaving me just three good ones in the size I need.  I have to have four to knit this sock.  Slight panic ensued. . .

Then I remembered the (very large) box of knitting and crocheting implements that Mother-in-Law sent down to us a few months ago.  All needles and hooks that had belonged to DH's grandmother.  Since DD1, DD2 and I are the only knitters and crocheters in Mother-in-Law's line of descent, she decided that this ancient collection (well, maybe not ancient but there are many antiques in the box) should go to us.

Maybe, just maybe, could I find a set of size 1 dpns in that box?  I couldn't remember if DH's grandmother ever knit socks or anything else requiring double points, especially ones of that size.

Well, it couldn't hurt to look.  If worse came to worse, I would just have to make a trip to the LYS (local yarn shop) and purchase another set of 1's before I could finish my Rosamond socks.

Guess what!  Not one, but two sets of dpns in a size 1!! One aluminum set (which, I confess, I don't care for aluminum knitting needles quite as much as I like wooden ones--too slippery),  and one plastic set (which are very flexible, almost rubbery).  PHEW!  Saved!

So, I was able to continue knitting and finished sock #1 on Saturday morning.

front view of finished Rosamond sock #1

Then, due to having several things going on over the weekend and early this week, I waited a few days before casting on for sock #2.  As of last night, I have the cuff and 1/2 of the first pattern repeat done.

Not currently reading anything.  Tried two different books after grudgingly returning The Nourishing Homestead to the library for the next person on the hold list, but could not get into either new book I opened.  My tolerance for 'bad writing' is getting less and less.  Either that, or with the ease of publishing these days, books that are badly edited and/or poorly written are getting more prevalent.  Whichever is the case, I'm bookless for today's post.


  1. Oh my! The same thing happened to me today! I broke my bamboo dpn sock needle! Luckily I have two sets of 5 sock dpn's and i knit my socks with 4 dpn's. I love your socks btw!

  2. Ack. At least you were able to find a replacement in a box of "vintage" needles. My daughter sat on some bamboo needles that I was using for her sweater. Needless to say, I put the sweater aside for a few days. Now she is more careful climbing on the sofa.

  3. Love the sock - gorgeous colour! What a treasure box - it will be so much fun to look through! My library doesn't have Nourishing Homestead - drat! So I may just have to make a purchase!

  4. how wonderful about the vintage box of treasures! so glad you were able to finish the sock! I love bamboo too!

  5. Aaaahh! I find things like that so frustrating!!! Glad you had such a fun solution to your problem! I used to have an old box of my grandmother's needles that disappeared along the way - I wish I still had them because they would have such sentimental value to me now.
    I love your sock - absolutely lovely!